Only Time

An hour, a minute

Just a second will do

Lift your eyes, look at me

See the person I’ve turned into


Wrapped in sorrow, buried with old love

A wall I can’t get through

Years have gone, a man cocooned

Surrender your shield because I need you


I never noticed how these silences stretched

Your uncomfortable stance and awkward face

Daddy dear, these “bonding” fishing trips

Are only signs of losses you can’t replace


Giving me sound foundations

Your reasons for these cold green sheets

Heartless bills for my future

An excuse for you to hide beneath


The costly new guitar in the corner,

Will avert my mind, you thought,

The million riches surrounding me,

But mother dear, happiness can’t be bought


You know what I fear most of?

No, not the horror movies’ tombs

It’s the emptiness, the barriers

The lost feelings in this place I call ‘home’


Was it my fault? Was it me?

Was it what I did those years long ago?

Was it because of me that she died?

Eyes barely opened before they closed?


We are perfect, in their unknowing eyes

We are the model family

Successful father, beautiful mother

And then the oddity: broken-hearted me

The End

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