Come Home

Guns in your arms, death in your eyes

If only you understood

This sorrow, pain, all mechanical

Crushing the remnants of all that’s good


What happened to that carefree child

The one with laughter so clear?

The one who saved a broken bird?

The one who used to be here?


What happened to that thoughtful boy

The one picking buttercups on the field?

The one whose heart overflowed with love?

The one who would never yield?


Was it those innocent mock-fights

Imagined battles for liberty?

Did I plant the thoughts with my plastic swords?

Turning childhood wars into reality?


Was it those books lying on your desk

A marker of birthdays past and come?

Was it those tales of celebrated battles

That took you off-path, far from home?


Maybe it was the lure of fame

Of the medallions and tales of glory

Did you never notice the shadows

In the eyes of those veterans on TV?


You said it’s all for the greater good,

A patriot defending his country

You said you were living life

In the role that you were born to be


Do you not see their sweet coat of lies

Is your soul not darkened with guilt?

To maim, to take, your hands drenched in blood

Destroying what can never be rebuilt?


This resolution, this blackened mask

Devoid of all that’s true

Where did they take my own sweet child?

What have they done to you?

The End

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