Why do you only see

The muddy view, the dirt-swirled snow

The destructive touch to the once-white ground

By the first heat of spring?


Why do you only see

The suffocating heat, the stifling air

The blinding, cancerous touch of the glaring sun

The choking grip of summer’s hand of death?


Why do you only see

The dying leaves, the aging trees

The signal of the beginning of another season of death

The spine-tingling chill of autumn’s breeze?


Why do you only see

The bitter cold, the biting winds

The fatal touch of a cold-blooded season

The freezing clutch of heartless winter?


Watch for the first buds of spring,

The melodious tweets heralding another cycle of life

The soft contours of rolling hills

Drink in the crisp sweet air, lift your face and smile


Listen to the chirpings of the crickets

The bubbling laughter signalling the end of a school year

The splashes of water cooling holiday moods

Listen to the liveliest of all seasons, bask in its cheers


Touch the papery leaves painted in the deepest sunset

The plump sweet grapes of a successful season

The rough round logs of firewood

Feel the light breeze of a beautiful season on your skin


Taste the feathery taste of snowflakes

The warm sweet tang of mulled cider

The salty flavour of a Christmas turkey

Drink in the festive spirits of another year’s end

The End

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