Hurts like Heaven

A grid, a score, an intricate pattern

An inkless pen scratching out “Mercy!”

A ridge of hurt, a valley of pain

A scarlet welling of the sadness within me


A pinch, a dash, a dusting of fine snow

A lethal powder coating a desire to kill

A tablet, a pill, a grain of oblivion

An imaginary dose of love in an attempt to heal


A song, a poem, a few angry lines

A measure of this bottled rage and fear

Upturned volume, drowning beats

A pathetic endeavour to hide my tears


Blackened mascara running down my cheeks

Like the blackened sorrow running through my veins

Scars, battle scars of a not-yet-grown woman

Poisoned, poisoned by this premature pain


Because when you try your best but still don’t succeed

When you give all you have but it’s not enough

When you’re just tumbling on knife’s edge

Everything else hurts like heaven

The End

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