A Friend In Me

We’ve been through ups,

We’ve been pushed down,

In the past years, in each other’s arms

We’ve experienced it all by now.


My shoulder still remembers your tears

The day your heart split open

Your memory’s still scarred with my screams

The day it happened all too soon


Months of gossip, years of secrets

Precious grains of time I collected

If only you treasured them as I do

If only we’re still connected


If you ever want to retrace your steps

If you ever need my company

If you ever want a shoulder to cry on

You’ve only got to call me


Say my name, like sunshine through the rain

Say those words and I’ll be there

Just smile like you always do, act how you used to

And together we can climb the stairway to heaven


Wherever you go, whatever you do

Be it by my side or across the sea

Just take this one thing from my heart

You’ve got a friend in me

The End

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