Mortal Atlas

I’m caving in

My spirit buckling from this pressure

I’m falling apart

Because of expectations beyond measure


The path had always been so clear

I thought I knew my way

But now

Amidst decisions and choices

The future’s just another blur


I used to map out the rest of my life

The silly dreams of a girl

Now faced with urgent reality

I’m lost in this wide world


A degree, a job, a handful of true friends

I dreamed of being a traveller

A writer

A million things that’s in between

I even dared to think of being a mother


My life’s compass had been buried

Somewhere in the days of school

Complacent, basking in the glory of youth

I guess I’ve been a fool


Lift this weight from my shoulders

Free this mortal Atlas’s soul

Take me somewhere, anywhere

Take me back to a place only we know

The End

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