Drifting Sand

Through the winds, through your hair

My fingers soared like drifting sand

Through your world, through your eyes

My life's a song from a marching band


I’ve been around, I’ve seen the world

A seasoned adventurer on the wings of a bird

I’ve watched the Sphinx in the setting sun

I’ve glided on the waters of Venice

I’ve sang under a Parisian sky

I’ve been in places you’ve never heard


A small town girl with your small town ways

Always dreaming of more than these provincial days

Eyes beyond the sky for a wish, a prayer

A heartfelt plea for me to take you there


A fleet-footed boy with my free-spirited ways

Always dreaming of more than these wandering days

Heart beyond the sky, eyes dampened with tears

A haunting plea for you to keep me here


Rooted for some moments

Then drifting, drifting

Never belonging

Just flowing, flowing

Would you hold me back, pin me down

Keep me from being drifting sand?


The End

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