Thousandth Crane

We’re close enough to make a change

Erase the hunger, wipe out the pain

All it takes is some spirit, some determination

Fiery passion and the will to go on

Bring back your steadfast bravery

Fight not the human wars but the age old battle for survival

We have it all, the world in our palms

Bring back a sliver of your luck for those less grand


We were born with it in us

The heart of gold, the healing touch

Whether in rags or in riches

We can make a change

Bring back your ingenious ideas

Make not weapons for hurt but pave ways for new life

We have it all, the world at our feet

Bring forward a difference for lives more sweet


If only everyone understand

We’re born to together raise our hands

To lift the world upon our shoulders

To bring it above the abyss of pain

Eradicate suffering

Eliminate poverty

Together becoming the thousandth crane

The End

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