Game of Thrones

An ivory playing piece

Sporting the white of innocence to cloak dark intention

Snow white silk veiling trembling legs

She slipped on her mask

Prepared for a permanent masquerade ball

And faced her target

A king in the game of thrones


A sidestep

A little diagonal move, slightly off course

With a sweeping move she unhorsed the knight

Conquered the castle

Defeated the bishop

And moved in to face her target

An unprotected king in the game of thrones


A disposable pawn

Daughter of one, used by many

Born to be a sacrifice, a twisting ivy

She held on

Digging her fragile grip onto the hierarchy

The unwilling rungs of a ladder

A step up in the game of thrones


So close now

A carefully planned move away from winning the game of thrones

She danced the sidesteps for the king

Obscuring the queen

And with a swirl of her skirts

The humble pawn uncrowned the lady of the land

Taking centre stage in the game of thrones


A mere wooden marionette

Her movements chosen by a puppeteer

Her smile shallow, a pained joy

And she walked

An intricate dance on knife edge

A pawn in the game of thrones

Her veiling mask the only sign of defiance


Her eyes burned like blazing coal

As the king slipped the golden band

She had reached the end, the humble pawn transformed

A golden diadem crowning her hair

She had won the game of thrones

Yet shards of broken souls

Stared out from under a veil of scarlet

The End

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