Phoenix Reborn

Black and blue

Pendants of shame

You came crying into my arms the day it happened


Black and white

That’s all they see

If only they could see the truth


You used to ask why

Now I ask the world why

Why does it have to be so?

Can a single word do you justice?

Can a cloak of colour define who we are?


A schoolyard tale

A sliver of unforgettable memories

A schoolyard brawl

Of poisoned words and angered fists

Of blindness

Of cowardice

Of pain and torture, shredding innocence


You came crying into my arms

A quivering mess

Bruised on the outside and broken on the inside

A blackened eye your flag of defeat

My baby, my brother, please...


Smile, sweetheart

Stand up tall

You’ve braved darker times

You’re armed with better times

You will show the world your reflection with pride

Rise, sweetheart

High from the ashes

Rise stronger and wiser in the flames of your fall

Let me see your head held high

Your eyes so bright

Your wings spread wide as a phoenix reborn

The End

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