Black Bird

Black bird

Your eyes half crazed

Darting, glancing, waiting for the moment

Behind the glazed glass, your soul fought to remain

A glimmer of life, unforgettable memories

Praying that the shutters won’t close

That you’ll never forget

That one day you’ll be there again


Black bird

Your mind inverted

Living only in your room of memories

Behind iron bars, your spirit fought to remain

A glimmer of hope buried in reminiscences

Dreaming of the endless sky

Of the rainbow of flowers and the sweetness of rain

Of freedom to fly


Black bird

Your wings constricted

Prisoner to circumstances of life

Behind locked doors, you were fighting to remain

A drop of tear for the good times past

Remembering the distant meadows

The kiss of sunshine on your feathers

The caress of wind on your wing tips


Black bird

Spread your wings

The key had found the lock, the iron bars melted

Black bird

Lift your proud head

You’re free again, and not a soul could keep you down

Take your soul, you spirit, your mind

Fly them home

Into the arms of Mother Nature


Black bird

Where are you now?

The indigo sky’s aching for your soaring wingtips

Black bird

Why are you hiding?

Your dark feathers covering the windows to your soul

Oh black bird

Through your half crazed eyes

Nothing compared

To the memories of old


The End

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