til death do us part

we met at a young age

so young and so new

i looked into your eyes

we both new it was true

in the present moment we embraced

not knowing where this would take us

not knowing it was fate

into time came two wonderful angels

they saved our lives many times

letting life slip out of our hands

we now see clearly where we stand

it has come to this

a time for reflection from all of this

life is so delicate that i know true

we saw the voide so deep

we saw the fullness so grand

what is the plan

where do we stand

hopeing to feel Gods hand

never give up says my spirit

i am pure inside

listening to everyones story

where do i fit in

buying peoples attention

is that true love

im so blue and so used bye my own abuse

when will i say no to all of these people


stay away and stay out

i am the master of my life

and who are you?

 giveing me such a fright?

give me strength give me light

help me see further than the naked eye

healthy in the mind

staying this time

The End

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