A little history about tigers

I have walked through the woods
Seen many breathtaking sights
Something caught my eye
An animal seems to be in flight

He hid behind some trees
Staring with awe
Not moving a muscle
Beautiful huge paws

I stood frozen
Not making a sound
No disrespect in any way
This is their home bound

Tigers sleep in the wild
They roam the forestlands
Watch them from a distance
They will run as fast as they can

Tigers are from the cat family
They eat berries down to grass
They like the water and the rain
They swim from vast to vast

Like any GOOD mother
Tigers will protect their young
If at all threatened
Upset they will become

Their cousins are the lions
Strong and sturdy, ready to protect
Known as king of the jungle
Danger they always detect.

Tigers have beautiful stripes
They are almost zebra like
They range from golden brown
Or a beautiful brilliant white

Tigers are not for the circus
We call this inhumane
They are meant to be free
To run the great green plains

Written by Laurie , on July 3 2012







The End

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