Tie Me DownMature

This poem is dedicated to a girl I met first year. We eventually became pretty close and I started to develop feelings for her near the middle of the year. I wasn't sure what I felt until near the end of the school year. I admitted my feelings to her in a very cringe worthy fashion that I'm too embarrassed to say LOL. I ended up needing to take the whole summer and part of the next school year to get over her. Now we're cool. This poem was written when I was in my peak state of "feels" LMAO. I

Tonight _ _ _, I'm letting go of your love,

It'll dissipate and disappear into the stars above,

I loved you for the wrong reasons, but it was real, nonetheless.

I guess that was something my ego couldn't confess.

The moments we shared are starting to feel surreal,

Like it never happened-but I got to let these scars heal,

I miss you like fucking crazy. But I got to let you go,

I don't want to be distant, but I'd rather let you grow,

So I'm letting your love drift away like a balloon,

Love's thru the air tonight, I can see it shining with the moon,

I wish you good luck with or without me,

I'm opening up my treasure chest, but throwing away the key,

Like you said, 'Everything happens for a reason',

Cause right now, this isn't our season,

And it feels like my hearts a violin and somebody's ripping out the strings,

Every love song I feel you and sing,

So tonight I'm letting you go forever,

I'll appreciate it from afar, but you won't tie me down, never.

The End

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