Tidings of Summer

A poem about someone begging a friend to forget the confusions and evils of the past few years and remember the wonderful times they shared as children.

My friend, come rejoice in this estival day,

When the skies are blue and the children play,

When the breeze runs fresh and the brook runs cold,

And the birds make song as they did of old.

My friend, come skip through the meadows of green,

Where the lake is a mirror with a silver sheen,

Where the sun shines warm upon your cheeks,

And the joyous days fly and merge into weeks.

My friend, come relive those days of our youth,

When it was all good and love and truth,

Before it grew so ugly and painful and sad,

Oh, let us return to that age and be glad!

My friend, come find your heart among the stars,

Where the heavens now keep it with that friendship of ours,

Where the tales of our childhood are loved and retold,

And the tidings of summer shall warmly enfold.

The End

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