This was a late night scattering of thoughts and feelings after my friend's brother went into hospital to have a pacemaker fitted after he collapsed.

Ticker clapped out, shocker clipped on,
Tendrils tickling tender tubes,
Keeping their rhythm in check,
Commander of the coronary crew.

Out of time, the foot slips,
Breaks the march, stops the heart,
You slip, falling, air-dance with the shower head,
The line goes slack against the bathroom floor.
Officially: "Dead".

Oblivious, the others wait in the kitchen,
Pouring milk on your breakfast,
Never thought it could be your last,
Reeling it in, no leader to lead,
It's all gone to seed, back to basics, the A, B, Cs.

You wake, a-shiver, pulsing,
Pouding, mashing; not floundering,
All fixed, but nay, it's too much risk,
They bring in the Commander,
To keep your men in check.

The End

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