Tick Tock.

The poem that took me 3 hours which should have spent revising... ironic really.

Tick tock

Tick tock

Sounds are carried

By the vibration

Of particles.

The faint eruption

Of pen to paper

Echoes across

The eerie hall


Whilst I

Scrawl silently.

Blood vessels.


Constrict when cold.

Making matters worse,

A shiver shudders

Down my spine.

I panic that my nose


Will drip off

Ruining my flawless

Comparison of


By Seamus Heaney

And Catrin

By Gilian Clarke.

People obey

Because of pressure


From authority.

Untouchable students.

All in conforming lines

About a metre away

To my front

Back, left and right.

Like giants

Compared to the tiny table

And rickety chair

Far too small for George's dream.


All heads are slumped

Forward above paper

Bouncing like the sea

Along the jagged line

Of spherical potatoes

Which Heaney is

Obsessed with.

If you need a circumference


Just use ∏d.


Someone's dropped their pen.


Don't bend too far

Must be above suspicion

Mr. Room will be disappointed

Of wasted seconds.


Stress can

Cause restlessness,

Although we're expected to keep still.

Also short concentration

And memory trouble...

Are they important?

For my exams.


I throw a pen to metal desk.

Part anger

Part irony

Part fear.

Mostly due to my

Inability to perform


An empirical equation.

I lift the weight,

In to my aching arm

My throbbing fingers

And bitten brain.

Pen attacks paper

Scrawling drabble as I

Remembering the door

Which teeters precariously

On my revision guide.

The End

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