Rhymes from Your Stalker

To my secret stalkee


Oh, how I adore your tender eyes

So glittering and large

They remind me of the hanging moon

With only a single lone star


And your writing, how it speaks to me

I read it every night before I go to bed

I absorb it as if it were my only source of nutrition

Forever those sweet words are locked into my head


I have a song for you, my mysterious creature

I listen to it and it gives me images of your pig-like nose

I listen to it as I glare into your windows at night

Wherever you are is where the sweet melody goes


You shall never know that I am here, my darling

I shall be but a whisper in the dark

And when you go for your morning walks

I often follow you in the park


Now, please do not be frightened, my dear

I only wish to pick up a whiff of your unique odor

A mix of BO and liliacs

The aroma to my heart is like gasoline in a motor


I shall finish this rhyme off quickly now, my mooney-eyed being

For I know it is about time for you to go to sleep

And for the sake of my obsessive compulsive stalking

I hope your slumber is deep



The End

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