Ambrosia (Miserabilia)

Thy hair, so vibrant in its beauty

Doth indeed teach the torches,

For it is far brighter

And more incarnadined.

Thine effervescent grin

Betrays a shyness unequivocal,

But sepulchred by boldness.

Thou art with eloquence blessed

And thy loquacity results thence.

Thy tongue rivalled in incisiveness

Only by thy joints and limbs.

An embrace is sweetly painful.

Thy face captivates

With large, round orbs

Of ambrosia ,

Shaming the stars above thee

And extending to all around.

Thy dimples form like oases

Beneath proud cheekbones

To exemplify the extensive stores

Of knowledge thee possess.

I wish for thy greatness

Ever to continue

Your beauty for to prosper,

“Misery” never to accrue.

The End

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