Thy Swelling Bosom

Creepy stalker poems to Protagonize members

to AmandaQuirky

Quirky, thy name rings like a doorbell in mine ears,
and I know thee to be there, provocative and pure,
Eyes on the prize and one foot out the door.
Just a young little blossoming innocent girl,
And yet come what e're may, you welcome the world
with a fire in thine eyes and a song in thy heart
and a pang in thy gut that is NOT a fart,
arms open wide, and eyelids similarly open,
O! If thou could see me here, silently hopin'
to one day be graced with your fiery presence,
witty and wise, strong enough to sacrifice
all, for the ones who need you.
Not that I in any way need you, I'm just
admiring thy courage and strength of heart,
which like thy pudgy smiling cheeks,
swells beyond restriction.

The End

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