New Winter

Wash your face
Brush your teeth 
It's time to get dressed

Throw on some trainers
Grab a ball 
it's time for winters call

As far as the eye can see
We gather row for row
North to south ~ east to west
Ready to welcome the snow

Mamoths high penguins low           
Thin fat round abound
Dancing feet funky quiff
Today is where all excitement is found

As teams prepare with silent stare
We hope to meet the shining rays
Catching the breath
Of everlasting days

A "click"
then..... a SCREAM !!!
she peaks in wonder from our dreams
with glorious smile
To see forever and a mile

The sky fills with circles of color
Spinning into rainbows
Blossoming with floral stars     

Pitter patter pitter patter
We celebrate the first rain
The new day has arrived 
With more than life to gain

Next in line the grumpy clouds 
to dine with hurricane winds and
Bolts of thunder

And with a kiss
She lets out a hiss
Of angels dressed in white

The End

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