Univocity of Being


I want to be the river

Look deeply inside

In order to see

Enjoy the clear and troubled waters


We can swim in them

Walk beside them

Drink from them


Let me meditate

That I may experience within myself

The fears

The hopes of the river


We need to feel the river

Feel the mountain and air

 Animals and People


From within their own perspective

I will learn from them

Careful to not let them die

Loosing chance of peace


So I will become

I will be

What I am looking for


To flow regardless of terrain

share life without hopes to gain


To be the change I wish to see

By embracing the world

With all its war and pain



Let the forest be your lungs

The sun be your heart


Do not be imprisoned in your small self

Reach out and fulfill the large self

Be your true self

The river, mountain, forest and sun


The End

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