Mamma Spider


I see them running

        v        e                        u                          r                               r             o                                           o                     r                     n               e                            a                             u                                                                                       d                                             d            n 

and                        t ) hrou ) gh


small little black spiders

crazy-crazy carnivore crew          



The morning dew flatters

Web into chandelier

A memory of beauty

A picture from Her I drew



King Mantis stares from among

Pearl drop covered stems

Hunger long over due



His head tilts from side to side

Tracing his path of vicious tide

These minions lives limited

 as broken shoe



But Lady Butterfly distracts the kill

Her tantalizing colors dancing to fill

Wings mesmerizing as petals of blue



She knows his plan and alters it quick

To lead King Mantis into a trick

He follows her to where she stands

Unaware of Mamma Spider

Dead without a clue



The End

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