Thunder's Rumble Serenade

“Erratic electric beauty, you are!” rumbled Thunder.
“A crashing chaos,
dancing and pure.
Pierce my chest like you do the sky, and glow within it slowly,
stinging. Charge through me,
shock me,
Never rest, in startling jabs you twist,
contort and
crack my heart to pieces.
you peck; church spire,
tree’s high bark,
at the world’s tall treasures!
Illuminate the heavens above,
with quivering glory, ignite their souls
against the dark.”

Thunder’s cries boom through the valleys,
And Lighting flickering ahead,
all quickness, speed and grace,
abuzz with volts
and deaf to all but fizzing
paces behind, crescendo serenade bleed.
Dear Thunder,
so slow are you,
so low are you!
Bright Lightning cannot hear such declarations
past her own radiance, luminance.
So fleeting devastating.
Thunder, darling, quiet now, for she is much too fast.

The End

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