Through the Looking Glass

Part one and only the first draft right now any input will be appreciated! A poem written based on through the looking glass... This is about the journey I took trying to find and accept myself. Learning from my past failures eventually taught me how to make the changes I was searching for.

My first glance into the looking Glass left me overwhelmed with dreams of change
Consumed by the same relentless question Alice herself spent so much time dwelling on
“Who in the world am I?” Ah… I’d discovered the great puzzle
Unprepared for my own journey; I carelessly ran down every path I found
Immersed in finding an answer I became lost within the question
Unaware of my destination; it was easy to ignore the decisions I made
Finding a fork in the road became a reckless coin toss changing everything at once

The next time I picked up the looking glass I was left staring at my own reflection
I’d run even further away from finding the answer I was searching for
Running from my past without ever looking ahead only lead me deeper into Alice’s rabbit hole                                                                                                                                                 This time the looking glass showed me a girl I didn’t want to recognize                               My face already told the story of every path I had taken and every coin toss I made           I looked down only to see pain, neglect, failure and addiction starring back at me             Was this the answer to my question?

I didn’t want to know the girl starring back at me; I hated everything about her
What happened to the girl I had been dreaming of changing into?
I should have woken up transformed into a butterfly by now
Instead I awoke a prisoner of my own body and unable to run from anything
I couldn’t go back to yesterday; I had already become a different person

The End

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