Through The Glass

Reflect upon your reflection.

Staring at the mirror,
I place my hand on the cold,
Like reaching for my soul,
And wanting to take hold.

Is this who I am?
This cannot be me,
I am no longer young,
No longer free.

With years of erosion,
My spirit is now frail,
My mind is delicate,
And my skin loose and pale.

Time flies, they say,
It passes us by,
We cannot live forever,
No matter how hard we try.

Did I live to the full?
Did I accomplish my goals?
If I did then why do I feel,
Like my life is full of holes?

I sit back in my chair,
My eyes rest on the glass,
It will soon be my time,
I will soon have to pass.

I have many a regret,
Though I know it’s too late,
Nothing can be changed,
As is destiny and fate.

I have grown very tired,
The clock begins to chime,
The mirror begins to crack,
As my eyes close for the final time.

The End

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