Through the glass

Me kind of going crazy

oh? why are you looking at me? you make me feel sick!

Just stop looking at me! turn away now, and make it quick!

Those stupid eyes of yours, let me rip them out of your sockets!

just be gone! Or  i'll lock them in  the dark of my pockets,

I just want them gone from my sight, get them away!

And your smile, i'll break it if you use it today!

That way you look when you are happy, oh it drives me mad!

And that laugh that you do that makes everyone glad!

Arh! Stop it or i'll kill you, cut you down in a fight!

And dont look like that because your judgement was right!

I hate you, I hate you, oh I hate you so much!

And now your glaring at me, oh what a nice touch!

Look at you smiling, are you going to hit me just maybe?

And you annoy me like hell when you cry like a baby!

Oh deary me stop crying or i'll make you stop!

Put a cap on your pathetic, cry baby top!

Oh are you getting mad, and your attitude is snappy!

Ouch, and you've hurt yourself, did that make you happy?

Come on then lets do it! I'll do your face correction!

Damn i hate you so much, my stupid relfection!

The End

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