Through Frosted Glass

And there he gazes,

Upon the frozen throne of the forest unknown

He heed no care for mans malevolence,

Nor he weeps over autumns death


All the children in the village of man,

Hear thy church call its cry

But what they do not see,

Lies beyond the eye of brethren


The outcast had threw her cross

Now down in murky water it shimmers

The heathen god had earn her delightful

So farther in, she dances, in wilderness


Villagers angered, held their torches high

Bursted in, through leaves and branches

Shed were light of flames,

And genocide was a fact


If only, if only

My master wouldn't be so kind

Where he sits by the table,

Gazing at the field so grey,

Through frosted glass

The End

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