Fixing Friendship

I never thought I'd forgive you

- never thought we'd start again.

Yet here I am, apologising,

Getting on the fixing train.

Hearing you say you were scared,

because your feelings were of love,

The confession gave me a sense of peace,

but in my heart it's not enough.

Because I think I've moved on.

I cut you out so I didn't hurt.

But now I know the beautiful truth,

If only back then I'd been more alert.

To our separation we acted the same,

Holding on to texts that meant so much.

Deleting them only when hope was lost,

when the other did not get in touch.

I'm sorry for leaving you alone,

It was selfish to go without a word.

I want things to be normal now,

I really do, but it's absurd.

We hurt eachother, blamed ourselves,

yet really we felt the same way.

Our hidden feelings drove a wedge between

a relationship that will never be the same.

I can try to fix it, I really can,

but my lingering silence still hangs above

with your ignorance at the back of our minds,

I hope we can move on when things get tough.

I hope that I don't change my mind,

I never realised how much I hurt you

Of course I'll forgive you but I'll never forget

Unlike before, I now know what's true.

The End

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