I can't escape the memories,

the beautiful memories of you.

I deleted every text,

but there's always one that comes back to haunt me.

And then it pushes me back to the start.

Whenever I think I'm over you,

something comes back to remind me

of what we once had together.

I found a picture of the very first time

you told me that I was special to you.

It took every ounce of strength to delete it.

Because I know that it's the only way

that I'll remove you from my life.

I saw the beautiful things you wrote

in my memory book again,

and it made me cry

because I threw that all away.

When flicking through my calender,

I recognised the hand drawn heart

I'd added when you asked me to prom.

I scribbled it out - another reminder gone.

And finally, I thought I was done,

but then I found a poem,

the one I wrote for your memory book.

And that was the final straw.

I couldn't read the words.

I won't read the words.

Because they'll make me angry.

Friends are there in bad times,

You can act crazy together,

They put smiles back on faces,

And are there for you forever.

Friends never give up on you,

Even when things are tough,

And they’ll keep talking to you,

Even when they’ve had enough.

Friends can make each other laugh,

And always make times more fun,

From sad days to happy days,

They make rainy days have a sun.

Friends are always there,

To catch you when you fall,

And will never let you down,

Yet are truthful most of all.

Friends like you are the best,

They’re there for you every day,

I’m glad that you and I are friends,

I wouldn’t have it any other way,

And I’ll always be a friend to you,

Even if I’m far away.

What lies I told.

The End

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