Turning Away

Today I saw you for the first time in a while.

We didn't even exchange a glance.

I could not meet your eyes,

Never mind clap at your name.

But you were the same.

You avoided my presence.

Maybe our distance is for the best.

I'm glad that this was the last time.

Your once sparkling eyes have lost their shine.

It's difficult to know that the fault is mine.

But I can't get over what you did to me,

How you broke me into me into a thousand shards.

You were like playing with a pack of cards.

I could never guess how you felt.

How you felt about me.

Don't tell me I imagined it all.

You were the idiot that let me fall.

Flat on my unprepared face.

So when you walked across the stage,

I turned my head away. Please understand.

The End

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