Behind My Back

You can talk about me all you want,

because now I'm gone.

But don't make fun of how I loved you.

I know you felt the same way.

Doesn't matter if you didn't say.

You were the highlight of my day

for so dreadfully long.

If it wasn't love, it was close to it.

Don't lie to them when they ask

Don't cover the truth with a mask.

I'm not the same person anymore.

I won't put up with this game.

Our friendship is for us, not the world.

So why tell them every secret and detail

Because I won't answer your mail.

I've said I'm done, it's the end.

I'm through with you once again.

It's harsh but needed for me to be strong.

I don't need people like you anymore.

And yes, I am really sure.

The End

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