You think I'm playing a stupid game,

You're getting annoyed - what a shame!

So just delete me out of your life.

I really don't care, it'll save me from strife.

Wish me luck and forget I exist,

Add my mistakes to the ever-growing list.

You say you miss me but I don't believe

because I know you were born to deceive.

My name upsets you - whatever, you're lying.

You tell me that you haven't stopped crying.

You ask me if I really hate you this much,

But no apologies - you're losing your touch.

Never again will you make my heart skip a beat,

my dying feelings I've learnt to defeat.

So the answer you get is a definite no,

I won't come back to see your show.

It's over now, I can't speak to you again

because I've finally broken the binding chain

that tied me to your selfish using

At least now I know it's you that's losing.

The End

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