2. Broken

Don't think I wanted us to be what we've become.

Everything we had has simply undone.

You had to learn that you were treating me badly,

Don't reply now - I've moved on, sadly.

Our friendship is scarred and broken,

My reasons still remaining kindly unspoken.

You only wanted me when you needed me,

That's not how friendship is supposed to be.

I can't explain how I really feel.

I want to forgive when I forget it's all real.

A small voice inside wants me to give in

But I know I would not know where to begin.

You lied, you ignored me and tore me apart

- Hurt me enough to forget a new start.

So don't expect me to softly return

Back by your side where my anger will burn.

I won't come back to go through it again.

You should have thought before bringing me pain.

Because it's too late to fix what's already gone,

Flattery won't put back the sun where it once shone.

As deep down inside you know what you've done,

Don't apologise now - my new beginning has begun.

The End

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