1. Bitter Perfect

A poetic story of love and friendship.

We finally got our picture,

just the two of us tonight.

Then you chose this time,

to break my stupid heart,

But I’m not gonna fall apart

on this bitter perfect night.

Don’t expect me to come running back,

‘cause I’m through with all the lies,

it was your idea for me to come,

yet you pretend I don’t exist

and I’m left alone

on this bitter perfect night.

Never felt your arm around me,

Never told me I looked even pretty,

Never acting as friends should be

No compliments ever in sight.

Not letting me have my last dance

On this bitter perfect night.

Now I’m too busy dancing

To care if you’re watching,

You’ve had your chance now,

I’m not going to keep trying,

I’ll dance away my regrets

On this bitter perfect night.

Now the night is over,

I can’t help but cry,

Tears spill down my cheeks

You don’t even realise,

That you were the one that ruined

This bitter perfect night.

The End

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