Three Words

little things - little words, little phrases - 
and you're in my mind again.
and that familiar feeling,
of choking and hiding and secrets and lies,
is in my throat once more.

you did this to me.

a thousand years may pass
and one forgets.
but not that - everything but that.
when the colours fade and faces blur,
that comes back to me.

the things you said.
the whispered words that shattered
the resolutions i had made.

three words.
just three words.
and supposedly what i should want
to hear - but no.
not from you. not like this.
not here, not now, not while i'm
still me.

i'm not what you seem to think.
that's not me
that's your fantasy.
the good parts without the bad.

i want someone who loves the bad too
not someone who doesn't see it.
someone who waits. who listens.

but you. you did this.
beg for forgiveness, why don't you?
make amends?

you won't.

The End

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