Three Wishes

My three wishes.

If I had a lamp in my hands,

And I rubbed it

A genie would appear,

Giving me three wishes.

Here’s what I would say.

For wish one, I would say

For me to be able to walk.

To be able to feel sand between my toes,

As I walk along a beach.

To be able to walk along beside my friends,

As we are heading to class

Or as we are carrying shopping bags.

For wish two, I would say

For me to become a successful writer,

So my words will flow through and

Bringing inspiration.

So I can speak to so many people

Around the world, in different languages

But one in the same.

For the third and final wish, I would say

For me to be closer to God and obtain spirituality.

So that I can become a better person,

Not just as a Christian but as a genuine person

So that one day,

I will be able to walk through the pearl gates of Heaven,

Where I will be able to walk,

Where I will be a successful writer,

Where I will be closer to God,

And where I will be reunited with my deceased family.

The End

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