Three Cheese Tex Mex

A blend of my mind at the moment


I feel like I’ve been hit with a hex by some strange witch that likes to flex

I can look and say congrats that I’ve finally gotten over that woman who controlled my heart like Bruce Wayne with bats

But then my luck drops again as I’m crushing on a girl who’s attracted to the opposite sex, and my mind looks like a difficult to pronounce blend of three cheese shredded tex mex

So in the meantime I distract myself with shopping for hats or playing hide & go seek with cats, but these problems that are continuously dropped on my plate are turning my brain into a pattern of intricately designed mats

The schematics of this plan are broken, and don’t tell me that these are just my sad pathetic antics, and forever alone dramatics

This is the story of Mr. Scrooge; the past, present, and future but remember the last one because that’s where I wish to go
I want to be shot into the future by a slingshot made of elastics to land in the arms of my closest friends that I may travel the world with, and please god do not let me suffer to many relapses

I want to be free from these high school shackles to see Europe’s biggest castles

What I’m trying to express is that I don’t want to deal with childish drama, let me own a god damn llama, and I’m just about done with being told how to use a comma

I’m finished with this stage of my life because it’s just a hassle and it feels like it’s a Christmas tree assembled with too many tassels

So I guess you could say I’m excited for graduation so that I don’t suffer anymore trauma, I’m out so if you need to find me I’ll be in the sauna

p>For once in my life I’d just like you world to accept this dreary plea because I’m tired and just about ready to flea

I’m deciding where to run, but to escape is just a mistake, because every street I turn down is lined with fool-hardy punks

It just makes me stop and think, because really how am I any different from one of them, too stubborn to let go the thought that girl and me

The End

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