He walked around with it for months. 

Sometimes pulling out strings and threads.

He always had you, even if you weren't aware. 

Slowly getting accustomed to the games he played. 

He would clinched it hard some days, or loosen up his grip on others.

He said the words that you were yearning for.

How he wanted to gently kiss your skin, and how he wanted to warm you at night.

How he would fight for you in the name of love, or how he would dice your pineapples.

Hmph. I see you with a disdained facial expression and tears dripping off your flesh,

Slowly picking up the pieces for your heart that he shattered against the concrete chest.

You vowed to never allow a man to affect you in that matter again!

But the NEXT had a game that you found yourself intrigued.

Your body ignored what your mind said. 

Therefore lust developed and curiosity was explored.

And now he had his grip on something that was not his from the start.

He had your beautiful, threaded with your heart, and dreams in his palm.

His goal was something small but precious, but it didn't intertwined with your focus.

Weeks later, you found more than your heart shatter against the concrete block.

And this time you learned your lesson.

You built steel stone walls to keep those men out.

Observed the games they played and developed your own strategy.

And I don't blame you. 

I accidentally stumbled into your life to see you picking up the pieces of your heart.

I see vibrant purples, the royal blues, a hint of the color chartreuse divided with the shades of carmine.

I whisper, "can I help you?" as I reached my hand out to you.

You slap my hand away. 

I look like the men that tried to destroy you.

I speak the same "game" and I have the same "motives". 

You saw me, not for me... but for them and what they have done to you.

My light led me to you... I feel like that your my next chapter/ 

Not your body and not your soul.

Not your touch but just your warm and softhearted smile.

Your unique laugh and the way the light reflects a hazelnut brown through your eyes.

I see you rise in front of me and back away with your heart still being rebuilt.

I wanted to reassure you that I am not like other guys...

I understand the game that those other men play,

I like to genuinely say that I am a breed that is rare, in this day and age.

But is it worth it trying to help fix something that may never be the same for you.

Is it worth me putting my heart on the line, so that you will not get hurt again.

Or will you turn around and do what people have done to you.

I don't know what to do...

I just want to try though...

Will you take a chance on me? I said as I reached out my hand.

The End

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