Thoughts of You.

 The coming of a lover
Into my heart unbidden.
I am trapped against my will for new love,
with dreams about one long gone.
Instead of this flesh,
I yern for the gossamer webs of memory.
Before the kiss, I touch the lips of a ghost
During the embrace, I feel the arms of dreams.
When I look into your eyes I see hope.
I cry at my inability to emulate. Reciprocate.
I scream, frustrated with rage.
Still my heart beats for the one I love
As my body betrays me with longing for another.
destroy the memory I cling to,
Forge past and throw your passions onto me.
Smile at me, just one more time
and I know it will be true
That when my lips turn up in smile
It shall be with thoughts of you.

The End

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