Death by chocolate?Mature

Chocolate gloppings spit from

Your overflowing mouth--

Forced shut by the double stitching.

I watch brown cream squirt gun

From the corners of your eyes, 

Drizzling on your cheek with a sputter.

Your pupils dilate,


They socket pop--

Spewing perfect tubes

Concise around like tin foiled coins.

I bend you into position,

Without qualm, like you are merely a rubbery mannequin,

And make a mocking

Display of your macabre appearance.

Your feet solidify in the chocolate run off

A deathly human fountain

You now decay into the tastiness.

A tube pumps

Into your hollowed torso,


A reservoir of liquid brown,

Snuck right In

Between your legs

Where the sweet melted drippings

Got chocolate bunny bitten off.

Iron-like sweetness,

Red and brown streams.

Flesh ripped by,

And spat from my teeth,

Lay like meat links,

Right next to were

I was handcuffed.

Asylum bound.

But it was worth it.


The End

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