Thoughts At Night

It's 12:23 where I am at and a bunch of different topics came to my head. So I just put my thoughts into my writing and this is what I came up with. 😊 I really hope you enjoy and feedback please and thank you! 💕

The sun sets

And the moon

Takes over the

Precious starry night

I lay my head

Down to rest

And the thought

Of you is

On my mind

My heart beats,

I close my

Eyes and smile

Hoping my thoughts

Can stay awhile

My phone vibrates

And it's you

I feel so special

I don't know

What you do,

But you keep

A smile on

My precious face

And I always

Do the same

You come to

Keep me company

And I am

happy once again

I look into

Your brown eyes

And I know

Our love will

Never ever change

The End

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