Adventures.... <3

We have so many memories together.
We've had our ups and downs.
We've gone on adventures on those days we never wanted to be apart.
Those days we never wanted to end.
Those days we didn't want to go home.

We walked to this old barn for no other reason than to be with each other.
We rolled around on the grass at our school, in the hot summer sun.
We squished ourselves inside a tube at a play ground.
We made a fort of couches.
You helped my brother throw me in the pool.

We danced around my yard trying to trip each other.
We walked home together every Wednesday. Hands in each others.
You always took my phone and made me chase you.
We would jokingly fight and you would win everytime. Because you would pick me up.

We were always partners in Science.
I would always kick your ass at pool.
We would be in the basement and my mom would phone me thinking I was out.
We talked on the phone for hours and hours on end. About nothing

We still have agruments, though we're not dating now.
You would always tickle me. You still try.
We fought over your zippo, for no reason.
We skipped class together. We still do.
Every now and then, we still say "I love you".

The End

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