Those were the best days of my life

As I set to start my journey as an undergraduate in Bengaluru I felt that I am missing my cousins so here I go writing about my childhood


As down the memory lane I ponder,

Nostalgia grips me when I yonder

Days passed would never come back a

As I silently look back

That house of Allahabad

Was truly our home, aah our home!!!

We all were fifteen

Adults were seven rest in pre-teen

We laughed joked and cried

Sometimes we innocently lied

We were with our family in that big house

Accompanied a cat family for several mouse

Summer evenings, Winter Mornings

Late to bed and not so early mornings

Our names rhymed, lest we name it rhyme

Rani Sonal Rupal Shivam Shashank Shubhi Avadhesh Prerna and Akshay Oly sounded monotonous when called

Our grandfather a true gentlemen

And his wrinkles made him an old man

Still healthy hail and hearty

Loves to save and hates wasteful party

The separation is a bad thing to bear

Tears You from Near and dear

Every rakhi Bhai duej we met

Enjoyed and parted

Now we grow , grow to heights

Each one was talented

Some artist other orators

Architects and doctors

I miss my people and I miss my place

I left my place my solace ……


The End

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