Those Three Words

Some words have no heart felt meaning anymore. Even swear words. I feel everything is just used too casually these days. This is my poem of despair.

Those three words

Can have a meaning so profound,

Even entitle me at certain times to spin my head right round.

Three syllables

Can to the ear be pronounced so bitter

Sound so bland and tasteless

When all you really want

Is one specific person to say them.

Three words can contain so much context,

Grief, vantage taking, happiness, desire- ouf of pure lust

Take your pick,

Its almost effortless to retort back with those words

When in your heart you don't mean it.

It can anger me to force out words so potentially potent.

People throw the words around too callously,

I roll my eyes in pity,


Wheres the honesty,

This issue angers and makes me irrate,

People have to understand,

When their meant,

When it's right,

Those words can transform your sight.

You will feel so high

Untouchable- as if you can fly

But sometimes- those three little words

Can sting, burn and deflate

Puncture you in the heart with a hole punch

Or fantastically permeate,

Send a dizzying rush which radiates.

All I need is for them to reverbrate

Out of me,

All of me,

With feeling,

With meaning,

With believing.

I want to feel so happy I could die.

Alas, our hearts entwined.

So when I come whispering to you like all those other de ja vu's.

This time I will really mean this

I. Love. You.



The End

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