Those People Wearing MasksMature

Those people wearing masks

Didn’t give them freedom

No they “saved” them as they took them again

Masks exposing truth in lies

Lies that are preached around the world

And brought to the very depths of hell

So the citizens would suffer, helplessly

As brooms and chairs swirled in their head

And their faces met walls continuously

And the coercion they had to face

As they used their own hands for pleasure

Their damaged psyches bringing it all back

It doesn’t matter that they went back home

Where’s home when you’re really still there?

But even still none of that will end

Those people wearing masks are still alive

And among us here still wearing the disguises

That we so ignorantly assume are real

Rip off their masks and they might dissolve

Particles of hypocrisy floating in the air

Causing us to choke every time we breathe

Alas, it may not matter as

We will always breathe the fetid air

We have no choice for

We are the people wearing masks.

The End

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