may 23rd 2014Mature

dont dont dont dont
dont tell me that it'll get better
i've been sinking since before you've known me
you've never seen me picking up my pieces
youve never heard me scream from the top of my lungs
saying "Dear fucking god help me"
im sorry im sorry
knees to earth
veins to diamonds
I could never forgive correctly
don't dont dont dont 
dont tell me that youre fine 
youre an empty love
dont dont dont dont
dont try to fix me anymore
im not a skinned knee
im not a broken bone
i am shattered glass and i will cut you open with my pieces
i will watch you as you bleed
i am what you dont want to be 
i am my own worst fears i am my own hatred and monsters i am not who i am
hands to paper
ink to skin
this is how my lights go out
stuck between this starlight
and ropes around soft thudding veins
their fingers dance next to mine
my heart beat will calm
until they hush their goodbyes
and it was all heavy breathing
no eating
cant think
cant speak
cant move
tied down
maybe if i bleed ill feel it
inject me with love or poison i cant tell the difference anymore
unzip my skin
see whats underneath
unleashed my soul unto the floor
i will not cave in
this is what i want

The End

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