This World

What is this world coming to?
It appalls me, what some people do..
I try not to think about it, but it's so true. 
What is this world coming to?  

Everyone is on a side.
Anyone will take a bribe. 
This is not a world in which I want to abide,
How it irks me, I cannot describe.

No man is confident, as he appears.
He is only hiding in his fears.
 "I am different!" they proclaim,
but I know that they are all the same.

They settle their problems by starting war,
but what are they even fighting for?
Money, power, glory, fame?
 Do they really think it's just a game?

Stuck in this world, all alone,
Wishing the world was all my own.
What's a kid like me to do?
What is this world coming to?



The End

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