This will all just be a dream......Mature

You don't know what she's been through

You don't know how much she's hurt

All she wants is for some one to hold her close

To tell her it's okay

someday it will all just be a dream

She wants to believe it trust me you don't know how much

 But she knows it's not possible

To get away from the abuse and hurt

She looks down at her herself battered, beaten and scarred

The years have tormented her

 Despite everything that she's been through

There's still a glimmer of hope

That one day they won't return

But then the door clicks

The shouting starts

She tries to not cry it will only make them worse

All she wants to do is get out of this hell hole

Her body aches with bruises purple, green and yellow

Blood drips down from her face

 As she cries she whispers to herself " this will all just be a dream"

The End

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