This Violin

This violin is out of tune,
Buts that's okay,
Because I am, too.
I'm glad you came to the recital last night, 
I really am.
I'm sorry I forgot that note,
The one in measure 278 that follows the D flat. 
You should've heard me play it perfectly, 
And I'm sorry I didn't.
You deserve perfect and I'm sorry I'm not.
Last night,
When you told me I did well, 
I knew you didn't mean it.
I should've started with a down bow in measure 496, 
But I didn't and that's how I know you weren't impressed. 
Because I wasn't perfect and that's what you deserve.
Now that I'm playing this violin,
I notice how bad it sounds,
And I'm sorry its so out-of-tune,
Because maybe it's not okay.
And I'm sorry I'm so out-of-tune,
Because maybe I'm not okay.

The End

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